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Willow harvesting season is in full swing here at ESRS. We started a couple of weeks ago and have been going full steam. We've harvested thousands of willows each year for the last 5 years. These get used in various bio-engineering projects in and around Calgary. 

 Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds ESRS Willow Stake Whip Bioengineering

Willow stakes being bundled after harvesting

Our crews go out to various sites in southern and central Alberta and harvest willow stakes. The stakes get bundled, loaded up on the trailer and sent back to the ESRS greenhouse for processing. We process them as soon as possible. Once processed they go into frozen storage. 


Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds ESRS Willow Stake Whip Bioengineering

 Willow bundles loaded and ready to go back to the greenhouse for processing

With the gorgeous spring weather we've been having the last few weeks it looks like it'll be an early spring this year which means a short willow season. We can only harvest material when its dormant. As soon as those buds break we're done harvesting. To read more about our willow stakes go here