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Our Passion for Growing

As a family run company our core staff has been together for decades. As our family has grown so has our skills and abilities to more effectively meet our client's needs. Outside of our core staff we have a wide variety of contractors that we can draw upon to effectively meet the needs of our clients.

ESRS Management Team

Dr. Steven Tannas - President of Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds

Dr. Steven Tannas

CEO of Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds

With a BSc in Range and Pasture Management and a PhD in Range and Wildlife Management, Steven has effective multidiscipline training in soils, native plants, animals and management of complex native ecosystems. His training however is not limited to his academic career but has grown up working in the environmental field. Steven has managed the native plant breeding facility at ESRS for the past 15 years under Clare Tannas. Steven has also conducted hundreds of rare species inventories, detailed vegetation assessments and created numerous reclamation plans and range management plans for governments, industry and ranches. Additional skills include air photo interpretation, and creating multi discipline management plans. Steven's contributions to scientific research continue in his position as Chief of Science for Glen Bow Provincial Park's Foothills Fescue Research Institute and is a special graduate faculty member at the University of Guelph.



Eileen Tannas - Green House Manager of ESRS

Eileen Tannas

Green House Manager

Skilled in business management with a math and finance degree Eileen has been effective in managing the creation of ESRS. Eileen has also spent the past three years propagating native plants and conducting plant community assessment and rare species surveys. With a specialization in boreal ecosystems and plant propagation Eileen brings a unique mix of skills to Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds.



Clare Tannas - Operations Manager of Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds

Clare Tannas

Vice President Operations

Clare Tannas BSc, U of A, rangeland Agrologist with 30 years experience. Clare specializes in rare plant and community studies, and in rangeland studies and report writing throughout and adjacent areas. Clare is especially skilled in recognizing native plant species as they occur in their natural environment, and applying this to the reproduction of these species in both field and greenhouse settings. Clare owns and manages 3800 acres of ranch and farmland, and thus understands the producer’s perspective.

Recipient of 2005 Emerald Award along with Kathy.

Kathy Tannas - Training Director for ESRS

Kathy Tannas

Training Manager

Kathy Tannas BEd, U of C, plant taxonomist of 30 years and author of Common Plants of The Western Rangelands. Kathy has skills in rare plant, rangeland and plant community studies in all eco-regions of Alberta and adjacent areas. She has taught plant identification courses and mentors young professionals. Kathy has a background in farming and ranching, and an empathy with the primary producer and his concerns.

Recipient of 2005 Emerald Award along with Clare.



Green House Staff


Natalie Leask

Plant Propagation Specialist
Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds plant propagation specialist Candice MacDonald 

Candice MacDonald

Plant Propagation Specialist
Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds employee picture to come 

Fallon Slack

Junior Vegetation
Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds employee picture to come 

Darin Sherritt MSc. PAg. BIT.

Intermediate Terrestrial Ecologist

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