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Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds - Shrubs

ESRS has a variety of native shrubs that we grow and we are currently working on expanding into more species.

Their expertise in harvesting and reproducing rangeland shrubs has made ESRS a top contract grower



Each year we grow a variety of native willows in both plugs and gallon pots. We only do one run of willow plugs which are ready in spring and typically sell out by the end of June. Below are some of the species we typically grow.

Sandbar willow (Salix exigua)
Yellow willow (Salix lutea)
Basket willow (Salix petiolaris)
Beaked willow (Salix bebbiana)


We also supply Willow Stakes for bio-engineering projects.
Willow cuttings from Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds Ltd.
Bog birch/Dwarf birch (Betula glandulosa)
Shrubby cinquefoil (Potentilla fruticosa)
Rose (Rosa woodsii & Rosa acicularis)
Red Osier Dogwood (Cornus stolonifera)
Sagebrush (Artemisia cana)
Wolfwillow (Elaeagnus commutate)
Kinnikinnick cuttings from Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds Ltd.

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