Plug Production

Plug Production

Re-introducing native species into a severely disturbed ecosystem can often prove to be very difficult. After many years of reclamation management, seed production and scientific experimentation we have proved that significant benefits can be obtained using plugs rather than seeds. Therefore, plugs form a significant part of our production. We identify on this website which species we recommend you purchase as plugs.
Production Capacity
600,000 plugs/yr.

Rough Fescue Grasses can be very difficult to re-establish

A healthy grassland ecosystem is believed to have taken thousands of years to develop and in this environment it has not been necessary for the well established grasses to be particularly hardy or aggressive in their growing habits. Once the grassland has been disturbed, as in the case of oil exploration, the roots are exposed and the job of reclamation becomes a challenge.

Kathy and Clare Tannas of ESRS took on the challenge

For the past 30 years Kathy and Clare Tannas of ESRS have worked as reclamation consultants and native plant contract growers taking on the challenges of cost effective reclamation. Their success come as a result of a lifetime of scientific research into the production and re-planting of hundreds of native rangeland species.

Along the way, son and daughter Steven and Kristen joined the family business and work as rangeland consultants. Steven is now the CEO of ESRS and has completed his doctorate degree specializing in Plug Production.

Plug Production is big business at ESRS

Over the years our production and replanting protocols have greatly improved our reclamation success rates, however, it is only since the introduction of plugs that we have been able to achieve rates of 93 – 100%Mbr />
Rough Fescue is still not hardy enough to survive draught conditions from seed plantings but using plugs our success rates has leapt from 50% to a rate of around 93-100%.

Grass plug grown at Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds Ltd.

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