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Located near Calgary, since 1985 we have harvested and reproduced hundreds of rangeland native plants and seeds. We currently have 12,000 square feet of indoor greenhouse space with another 3000 square feet of outdoor flood irrigation beds. We produce a variety of native grasses, flowers, shrubs and wetland species.

Most flowers and grasses take about 3-6 months to grow into a standard plug. Shrubs and wetland species vary from 3 months up to a year or more depending on species and size required. Whether you have a large project or small project, let us what we can grow for you – just ask for a quote!

Rangeland Plant Communities can be very delicate

Many rangeland plant communities contain species that are very slow to reproduce. When you see a healthy rangeland ecosystem it has often taken hundreds of years to reach that state. Therefore, after a major disturbance such as road construction, oil exploration or pipeline construction successful recovery can be a major challenge.

Eileen Tannas of Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds Ltd. moves boxes of custom grown seedlings in front of the greenhouse
Large Reclamation  using  Fescue Plugs

Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds Growing Services

Alberta Wholesale Contract Growers of Native Plants, Shrubs and Seeds ESRS
Native Plant Producers, ESRS has been cultivating rangeland grasses, plants, shrubs, wildflowers for the reclamation of plant communities disturbed by major industrial activity since 1980.

Over the years, the tireless dedication and scientific research of the ESRS staff has resulted in the company becoming a key player in the successful re-establishment of many delicate plant communities. Recent reclamation statistics have proven that the introduction of our plug production technology has greatly enhanced the efficiency of our latest reclamation projects.

ESRS is a family owned business run by Steven and Clare Tannas, who are rangeland agronomists and Kathy Tannas, who is a plant taxonomist and published author of a series of books on plant identification.

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