At Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds Ltd. logo in conjunction with our affiliateTannas Conservation Services Ltd. logo we strive to provide educational solutions to industry and government. We specialize in plant identification and management of native ecosystems. Our vast experience working within all segments of the environmental industry in Alberta has positioned us to provide a unique experience to professionals within the environmental industry. To provide specific solutions we offer the opportunity for our clients to select from our already built courses (Wetland Assessments, Seed Mix Design, Plant ID) or create their own custom courses to meet their unique needs. Although the list below shows some of the options there are many more potions available.

Course Options:

  • Wetland Course: click here
  • Seed Mix Design Course: click here
  • Plant Identification (Forbs, Grasses, Sedges, Rushes, Bullrushes, Weeds, Willows, Shrubs, Trees, Rare Species, Wetlands)
  • Vegetation Inventory Techniques (Benchmark data collection, Range Health Assessments, Sampling Methods, Experimental Design)
  • Landscape Design with Native Plant (With thousands of species to choose we can help you understand how to use these species to create unique natural landscapes or beautiful urban designs)
  • Reclamation Design with Native Plants (What species to use, how much of each species, how do you decide on the right technique to use)

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